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We are so happy to invite you to New England Top Team’s FIRST EVER NERF WAR!! This is unique because no other martial arts school around has ever created an event this epic! As you may know, Ray and Ryan are obsessed with having Nerf wars. So, we took this idea from my 3-year-old at the time to create our OWN NERF WAR!!


We are having a parent’s night out on Saturday, March 16th and during that we are going to create the most epic and creative accessories for the Nerf war!! We will start with making a handful of targets that will be hung around the gym, forts and other means of “coverage” for the games.


What to expect:

We will be offering three different games to challenge the kids and have the best time. Saftey googles will be provided for the kids and must be worn at all times. We will provide nerf blasters and ammo, but you are welcome to bring your own. Just make sure you have you name on it!!


Game 1: Target Practice.

Each child will have the chance to try out the different nerf guns/blasters by shooting the targets that are hung all across the gym. Some will be in difficult spots so it’s just a good chance to practice your aim, your strategy and the different accessories available.


Game 2: Capture the Flag.

We will split into two teams. The objective is to steal the other teams flag from their home base and take it back to yours. If the other team has your flag you must try to use your nerf blasters to stop them. If you hit the other team running back to their base with your flag they must return it back and restart the game. If you get hit, you are out - sit down until your teammate can come tag you to return to the game. If you are out of ammo, raise your hand and start grabbing ammo to fill your nerf blaster. You only get 15 seconds of invincibility to reload.


Game 3: Adults vs. Kids.

Pretty self-explanatory, all the adults will be going to war against the kids. If the adult gets shot 5 times, they must sit and wait to be tagged by their teammate to get back into the game. If the adult gets shot 2 times, they must sit and wait to be tagged by their teammate to get back into the game. To win, for example: all the adults have been shot and are sitting on the floor, the kids win!




- Absolutely, 100% no tolerance for anyone shooting someone neck up. If anyone gets shot in the face/neck up that child will have to take a break from the game. There will be little children participating and it is not acceptable.

- NO Tolerance for any physical activity. Children must keep their hands to themselves, no jiu jitsu on the mats, no rough housing, just fun with the nerf blasters.

- No throwing the guns down on the mats.

- Listen to Coach Ray and Coach Kellsie at ALL TIMES.

- Most importantly… HAVE SO MUCH FUN!!!

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